Wednesday, September 12

sizing changes?

This afternoon one of my daughters and I took a quick trip to do some shopping. I had some gifts to find for various people - particularly clothes for her birthday and she's picky! - so off we went on such a sunny day.

After many trips in and out of the dressing room, she found a skirt, a pair of pants (why are they called a pair?), and a couple of tops. Yes, I did repeatedly ask her if she loved what she picked out because experience has shown that if she absolutely does not love it, the clothes do not get worn. And after a shopping trip like this I'm always so so thankful for boys who'd wear just about anything mom picked out on her own!

At the same time, I wanted to find a few things for myself. I've lost weight over the last couple of years and it is time to get rid of clothing that looks baggy and find some new things for this cooler season. I've had a large variety of sizes and styles in my closet for a LONG time I've either been pregnant or nursing most of my married life which equals a constantly fluctuating shape requiring a constantly fluctuating wardrobe. Time to get rid of all those things that are too big and are definitely out of style! Besides, my girls don't like those old mother clothes! LOL!

So, at the store I guesstimated my newer size and was amazed at how big they were. I kept going down in size number until I found something that fit. And then had very little to pick from in that size. You know, back in high school when I weighed about 15 pounds less than I do now, I would have never in a million years fit into that size number! Have the companies who manufacture clothing changed their sizing systems? Drastically? Have they accommodated a heavier population by lowering the numbers for bigger sizes so people don't stop and think about their weight? Really, it just seems kind of crazy to me. And I'm by no means skinny as I still sport my baby pudge which refuses to leave. I'm wondering if I'd lose another five or ten pounds, where would I buy clothes? It was certainly impossible to find things today for a small petite lady like myself...

Just my ramblings for today :-)

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Monica said...

" Have they accommodated a heavier population by lowering the numbers for bigger sizes "

Yup, they have.

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