Saturday, September 15

the snail

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark." ~ C.H. Spurgeon

As I sit here shivering - yes, we had a hard frost last night and it's 29 degrees now and we have to leave for soccer in an hour and can you say brrrr?! - I was thinking about all I wanted to get done this weekend. During the school year I live for the weekends and the opportunity to get caught up a bit on my household cleaning. But I'm obviously not going to be getting caught up at all this weekend as there's too many other priorities to consider. I'm going to barely be considered a snail as I ponder some of my goals. Is there something slower than a snail?

And yet, I needed to take another look at what will be happening this weekend. Spending time watching the girls, spending time worshipping, spending time fellowshipping with other believers, spending time with my husband working on this week's Bible study, spending time in the Word as I prepare for Monday's Council Time message at AWANA, spending time celebrating a daughter's birthday.

"The more time you give to something, the more you reveal its importance and value to you." ~ Rick Warren

As I look at the list, I don't think my priorities are totally out of whack...God, husband, family, believers, friends, others are all included. Guess I figured out my problem - *I*...*I* will not be doing things *I* think I need to be getting done. Guess if God thought those *I* things were important He would have made sure they were included in this weekend, eh?

So, back to being a snail as I consider the things *I* need to get down around my household and living like a golden retriever today as I mingle with friends and unbelievers alike on the soccer fields!

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