Saturday, September 22

soccer girls

We had a long morning of soccer today. One early game and one late game. We arrived early and were the last ones to leave the field. My pictures loaded backwards, so this picture is from the game that finished right before noon. My daughter played midfielder for the entire game and did great...spoken by a true mother, eh? Actually, she is respected by her teammates and they aren't afraid to pass her the ball as she can run with the best of them. Her team won :-)

This was from the first game of the day and I almost deleted the picture because the sun cast a haze over it. BUT, it was kind of a cool picture as I loved how her bangs were flying as she was running. She came to the came with a headband on to keep her bangs out of her eyes, but during a quarter that she was sitting out all the girls were doing hair! LOL! So, the next time I saw her on the field she was without the headband. Her team lost.

The morning was sunny and almost pleasantly warm. I did get a little sunburn from the combination of sitting and watching soccer, then working in the garden later on. Actually, I can tell the season is changing because the garden isn't so predominately sunny later in the afternoon anymore as the sun is taking a lower position in the sky. So, when the sun shines now it is hitting the tops of the nearby woods which casts shadows on the garden.

I'm so glad the Son of the universe never changes and is always dependable. Wouldn't it be cool if you'd get a sonburn from being too exposed to God's word in a day?!

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Charlene said...

I never thought I'd say this...but I miss soccer. My boys played for 16 years...yes I meant 16! And this year is the first fall without it. I miss it. I can say this here, because they'll never see it!!! Maybe I just got a great idea for a future blog!! Enjoy it!

mom said...

I think that of all the sports my kids have been involved in, this is my favorite. There's lots of action and the physical activity is great! It's interesting because my husband doesn't enjoy watching soccer games much at all, but has always been very involved in baseball with the boys. Although I enjoy watching that, too, it's mighty slow....

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