Sunday, September 16

ten and one

Being in the midst of football season, it has the sound of a football newscaster..."we're at the ten and one year line looking to make it several more years until we score another adult in the family".

What a delight this middler is! She was the largest of all my babies weighing in at just under ten pounds when she was born. Although she was big, I have to say it was my easiest and one of my favorite births. Of course, my memory could be muddled because I spent so much time pinching myself after they said, "IT'S A GIRL!" for she arrived after a brother, a sister, then four brothers. I know that was part of the reason I was oblivious to the fact that I was hemorrhaging quite badly as my heart was dancing at the fact we finally had another girl! Such an easy going little thing as a baby and still has a happy heart. It's a joy watching her grow up as my daughter as well as my companion in giggles and watching God's word come alive within her young life.

Happy birthday, my dear daughter!

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Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!

I know just what you mean about the joy of girls after boys.

My boys had one another...then God blessed me with a girl.
You know the joy.
And then for ten years I wished Emma had a sister...and when Emma was ten, she got her sister.

God is much too good to me.

Donna Boucher said...

By the way.

I love your sweater!
And your daughter is darling.

randi---i have to say said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! There is something about girls that is so wonderful, especially after having a couple of boys. When Aubry was born, Craig I went crazy over the fact that we had another little gal!

PS--I do think that boys are fabulous too!

mom said...

I think boys and girls each are their own special blessing in their own special way. It is interesting how we relate to each one differently.

And the sweater has a story of its own. An online friend sent me a family picture in which she was wearing it and I loved it! She sent me the link to buy one for myself and I told her when I got it, I'd post a picture...hehe! :::waving at Noel:::

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