Thursday, September 13

time to overcompensate a bit

It tends to happen after a season of busyness in our household. Downright sloppiness in a variety of areas. Chores are done half way, attitudes get grumbly, tasks are ignored. With school getting back on track and life getting back in routine, those areas are jumping out in BOLD PRINT to this mother. Enough!

As a mom I know that consistency is huge in child training and I am the main one who has to get back on track. So this morning at devotions many areas will be addressed with the children. They are not all at fault, but each one probably has an area that needs some work. And I have to make a point of watchfulness to ensure they are following through. Much more time consuming, but I know it will be worthwhile in the long term. With a lot of people in one house, we have to work together as a team with everyone doing their part.
And they are actually much happier with that consistency and with a smoother running household. And I'm much happier (you know the saying...if mama ain't happy!).

It's interesting because I posted some of my frustrations last night at our family blogsite and here is my oldest's response this morning:

"I understand about the crackdown. You gotta lay down the law to reign things back in. Aren't we all like that though. We get slack and then have to overcompensate to get back on track?"

Isn't that true? It does take overcompensation to get back in balance. And I can see that in areas of my own life. It will take overcompensation to get them back where they need to be. My eating has gotten sloppy over the summer months and I need to sit down and examine where to change things, rework an eating plan, figure out my walking schedule, and get back on track. My bedroom, especially my desk, has become consumed with piles and I need to overcompensate with a large chunk of time to tackle this project and get it back in order. My general journal and prayer journal have been neglected and I need to sit down and update them which will take early morning hours when the house is quiet. The list goes on with items that need overcompensation to get back on track. But once they are done, life will be more in balance and the household will run smoother.

It is sometimes so so overwhelming! And yet we have a God with mighty big shoulders who reminds us to turn our burdens over to Him. He will give us rest. And in Him is the strength we need for each day whether it be for the normal daily tasks or for a bit of overcompensation in areas as we tackle projects.

May you take a moment to examine life on your garden path and see if there are areas that may need some additional weeding today.

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Our Family of Five said...

I have lots of areas that need weeding. :) Thanks for this encouragement. :)

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