Wednesday, September 5

watch your words

As I was cleaning the kitchen while waiting for the canner to get done, I reflected back over the day.

It felt good to start school again and to get back at our morning devotions. I will confess that although it isn't my intention, they tend to gradually slide out of our mornings once summer gets rolling. My bookmarks were still in place from the last time we read our chapter of Old Testament and our chapter of New Testament. So, we began where we last left off...Leviticus 24 and Acts 24.

Why am I always surprised when God lands us right where we need to be in His Word? Our key verses of discussion ended up being Leviticus 24:10-16, 23 which spoke about someone who cursed God and received the consequences of being stoned. It brought up a topic which I have talked to the kids about but God's Word put it so much stronger. Not that anyone is using God's name in vain or cursing, but the older ones are letting their language slide into slang or sometimes crude talk which is bothersome or name calling which can be downright mean. I know, you thought my kids were perfect - HA! - but, alas, they aren't. And they needed the reminder that their words reflect their heart...and that there are consequences for every word that comes from their mouth.

Indeed, a good way to start a new school year.

May you, too, pull weeds where needed in your garden!

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