Friday, September 14

what month is this?

Okay, I'm confused. What month is this? Gray, misty, and cold outside. November? Wait, my calendar says September! Brrrrrr! The highs for today are the MID-40's! The lows predicted for tonight in the 20's! I will definitely have to cover my tomatoes in the garden tonight as there are so many ripening tomatoes still on the plants. And I hope my husband has enough tarps around right now that are not in use that could be put to use to cover other veggies in the garden. If it were later in the month I'd spend the day pulling the garden out, however the predication is for weather in the upper 70's next week giving us more garden growing days.

But, I have a new dilemma this growing season as I purchased a plant that is not typical for this area as we are definitely NOT considered tropical here. I couldn't resist as it was so pretty with its pink blossoms - it's a mandevilla which I affectionately call a mandyvilla :-) I had to read in my gardening books and search online for information about this new plant added to my garden. It was small back then and came with a small hoop to climb on. But it didn't take long and I needed to replant it and find a trellis to stick into it's new pot. No success on the trellis. What I ended up doing was taking some willow branches and easily bending them to make my own trellis. The neat thing about that was after awhile we noticed that the bare willow branches had begun to leaf as the ends were stuck into the moist soil. So all summer long I've enjoyed this rapidly climbing blossoming plant on its leafy trellis.

Now to the dilemma. As I was told, it would only be a one season plant unless I kept it potted to be able to move it indoors to a sunny part of the house as the weather started changing. No problem, right? Besides the deer had recently found my beauty and had chewed up the willow leaves and worked on the blossoms...grrrrrr! it was definitely time to move it to a safer warmer environment. But this is no longer the sweet little plant that started in the spring, but quite a large plant which is probably at least seven feet tall and growing! Ideally I would love to keep it in our bedroom which is the sunniest warmest room throughout the winter. However, when I had considered that option in the spring it was prior to a sweet little kitten moving into our house...a kitten who now loves to cause havoc with my plants...grrrrr! So I've temporarily moved my mandyvilla into our bathroom which does get good light and which I can close the door to keep the kitten out. The only problem was bumping into the plant in the middle of the night as I got up to use the bathroom! YIKES!

I'm thinking I'll need some more creativity in dealing with this plant in the days to come. But what fun it has been to learn about something new in my garden and how best to grow it.

In many ways, it's like growing kids. There's always a new challenge before us that we need to seek God's wisdom to know how best to grow them because each child is so uniquely different. And our perspective changes as challenges that seemed big in the beginning are minor to some of the challenges that come up when they get older. His word is filled with advice and we also have the blessing of seeking out godly counsel from others. And usually some creativity is needed on our part to make things work. Too often it can feel like a burden as you try to figure things out and unexpected events come into your life, but I encourage you to find joy in the process. To become excited by the challenge! To look forward to the adventure!

Off to start a fire in the woodburner before my mandyvilla begins shivering!

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