Wednesday, October 3

another kind of light

Driving up to the house last night after Bible study, something definitely looked different. The lighting was minimal and muted, then we noticed flashes inside. A thunderstorm was moving through the area and it was pouring as we ran from the garage to the house. Aha! The scent hit us immediately when we opened the door - candles. An inviting light. And the flashes we had seen were the boys using the flashes on their cameras to see, in other words, they were being boys and horsin' around. The power was OUT. We aren't certain why as the storm hadn't brought along a lot of wind which typically knocks the power out quite easily living in the woods.

It was disappointing because there were things I wanted to take care of when we got home and now none of it was going to happen. The candles didn't shed enough light anywhere to really do much with it pitch dark everywhere in the house. So, basically everyone still awake went to bed. I read by flashlight for a bit, but the darkness around me made me sleepy.

Sometime during the middle of the night we were awaken by brilliant lights all over the house. The water pump was running again and the fan in the girls room could be heard. I leaped out of bed to run all over the house turning lights and other things off. It took me a while to settle back to sleep.

It reminded me of something I heard this weekend (dontcha love it when I stretch these things?....hehe). That the philosophy behind the new age movement isn't new at all, but it's an old age movement. It began in the Garden of Eden when Eve was deceived by the serpent as he told her she could be like God. And she fell for it. And she ended up not being enlightened at all, but only further lost in the dark. Kind of like those candles that were inviting and muted, but provided minimal light. They don't awaken you, but make you sleepy because they provide nothing to stimulate you. You can't see around you, but you are kept in a small little dark area. Deceived into thinking you have a light, but it's meaningless. Then suddenly a brilliant light appears in your life by the name of Jesus. And you are awakened! And things that you couldn't see before have now been revealed to your spiritual eyes! The power is ON! Woo hoo!

May you have the brilliant light flooding your garden path!

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