Monday, October 8

the balancing act

There's nothing like doing bookwork and having something not balance...grrrrr! Usually it happens when doing my husband's monthly bookkeeping and he has added or subtracted something incorrectly and only takes a moment to fix. But after I finished his bookwork, our own checkbook was needing to be balanced, so out came the bank statement. It just refused to balance....grrrrr! I did my usual remedy - go to bed and look at it with fresh eyes. Ah ha! Part of the problem was that I had subtracted a service charge twice which haven't done before. Just blame it on too many distractions while doing checkbook balancing....grrrrr! But there was this mysterious $100 that I was off and kept me on an elusive chase through a number maze. Finally I decided to look over the bank statement from the previous month and scoured it from top to bottom. AH HA! I discovered that the same check for $100 had been subtracted on both statements! It was the strangest feeling to find out that the mistake wasn't mine. I always thought the bank was flawless, you know? So, I took both statements in to the bank this morning and they will straighten out their records. Whew!

I think of this new age we live in and how young adults do their banking. I can't tell you how often one of the olders has jumped online to check the balance in their checking account. What? Don't you know what it is? Just look in your checkbook, I exclaim! Although they've been taught how to balance a checkbook, they never do it. All their checkbooks do is hold debit slips and never a written balance.

:::::shaking my head in disbelief:::::

It's quite a balancing act to be a mother and a dinosaur!

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