Friday, October 5

can you hear me now?

“Surely there is something in the unruffled calm of nature that overawes our little anxieties and doubts: the sight of the deep-blue sky, and the clustering stars above, seem to impart a quiet in the mind.” ~ Jonathan Edwards

Yesterday was sunny with the beautiful deep blue sky of autumn singing as the leaves were falling. After I had just crawled into bed last night, the sound of a dog barking outdoors startled me as I thought they were settled in for the night. I grabbed my bathrobe to go out on the porch to whistle the dog in and was startled by the amazing starry skies. It took my breath away as I considered the awesome Creator who placed each star in the heavens. And my mind truly was quieted.

Early this morning we were awakened by thunder and much lightning. God provided His fireworks to celebrate the remembrance of Jonathan Edward's birthday AND mine, too! In the pouring rain, my daughter and I went out for breakfast as her gift to me. Then once back home was the present opening. More blessings of my favorite things. It really does become a more special day as children grow older and get into the excitement of a birthday.

But just as the early morning storm was quite a surprise after clear skies yesterday, so was a large storm cloud that erupted in life here late afternoon. The clear skies were a delusion and I'm progressing through unexpected rain. I've been attempting to look back to see where the clouds may have been forming, but they have caught me off guard. But have I really been off guard? Remember the parking ticket and the lesson I was trying to figure more observant. I read another blog the other day that talked about paying attention to what God may be saying. That sometimes we miss things because we are tuned out. So much static in our world that the important sometimes bounces off of us and we aren't really listening to what He's saying. Yup, I'm beginning to hear you now, God. And now I can even see why in recent days so much Scripture has been popping out at me. It has a purpose during this time when I'm going to have to walk through some mud.

And now I need to take my own advice and remember....simply God.

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