Tuesday, October 30

driver number five

My morning was spent taking a son to a neighboring town where he could take his written driver's test to get his driving instruction permit. Okay, there I go being a dinosaur mother again because it isn't an actual written test where you need a number two pencil to fill in the circles. Nope, it's all done on a computer nowadays. So, he passed his test, went through the paperwork, got his picture taken, and we left with his driver's instruction permit. Woo hoo! And his mother let him drive home :-)

He's our fifth child to get an instruction permit. He is a focused kind of kid and I believe he will drive accordingly and with caution. I can't say that I was completely relaxed when he started driving, but much more so than when we started this journey with our first driver of the house. Of course, I'm sure the older ones think he should learn to drive on the 15 passenger van like they did! Oh, I'm sure he'll have to drive that a little, too, but his driving experience will mainly be in the sweet car.

Time to eat a quick lunch and see if I can get caught up around here after a busy few days!

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Charlene said...

Ah, the joys of driving with teens! It takes a brave soul! Glad to see you're with me!

mom said...

I am so relieved to live where we do and often wonder how parents survive taking new drivers out on busy city streets. Our main hazard here is DEER! LOL!

pianopraise80 said...

Which is why Lovie and Lovester will never drive as long as we live in Chicago!!! I can't even imagine!

mom said...

Ohhh, I wouldn't be worried about the driving (NOT!) but the parking fines are even scarier =:-O

And I just checked again...they haven't cashed my check yet. Can I start hoping yet?????

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