Friday, October 19

an extra pair of shoes

This morning there were an unexpected extra pair of shoes by the door. Now, if you've been to our house you know about the mass of millions of shoes that attempt to stay on a very small you may be surprised that I'd notice. But in cleaning last night we had straightened all the shoes. So, when I went to slip my shoes on to leave for exercising early this morning, I noticed not only my daughter and her husbands shoes as they got in late last night, but a familiar brown pair. I think I've stumbled upon a surprise.....

I had been on IM with my college son yesterday afternoon to see if he would be able to come home for the weekend since he had family driving right past him on their way home which would make an easy ride. He assured me between work and homework and stuff that it wouldn't work out this weekend. And that was okay. I mainly needed to know so I'd know where to put everyone for sleeping purposes.

I'm not certain where he slept and the house is still very quiet - I vaguely remember hearing the ruckus when they came in last night which means some children who were in bed didn't go to sleep, but stayed awake reading or something as they love it when the olders come home - but I'm thinking that as they all start rousing the evidence will be confirmed.

I haven't seen him since August 19th.

It could be a very sweet weekend indeed!

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