Wednesday, October 24


Nope, I'm NOT talking about those strange oddball people you meet along the way.

I'm talking about SNOWflakes!

Just a little while ago as I opened my husband's office door to walk back across the yard to the house, there were all these little white snowflakes coming out of the sky! It was odd because we have a mix of blue skies and clouds today, so it must have just been a random cloud passing overhead. While we watched it falling down, my brother-in-law mentioned that he heard there's a chance of significant snowfall next week. YIKES! I prefer to put my fingers in my ears this time of the year and say the "la la la" chorus quite loudly! LOL! The "let it snow" chorus usually doesn't hit my lips until I turn the calendar page to December and need Christmas shopping incentive...hehe :-)

Brrrrrr....back to school!

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