Saturday, October 20

a flying leap

Today sometime one of my older sons will literally be taking a flying leap...from an airplane...out into the wild blue diving! He and two friends traveled yesterday to enable them to be at the airfield this morning. First they go through training sessions, then they wait for a plane to be available.

I recall a few years back when a group of the older boys talked about going sky diving. One parents' response was that if their son ever did such a thing, he would not be welcomed back into their house. They called it sin. My boys laughed about it as they said there wasn't any place in the Bible that it says sky diving is a sin. I'm trusting that the parents weren't using Scripture for that, but rather for the fact that their son would be disobedient toward what his parents had requested - that he not put himself in a risk taking position. And yet at that time, most of the boys talking about going sky diving were around 18 years old or older. By then I believe our parenting role is to offer counsel when requested and allow them to make their own decisions, even decisions which often we may not agree with. They will live. They will learn. Just as their parents did.

It does seem timely for my son to be doing this now as his twenty-first birthday is tomorrow. Leaping into that next stage of adulthood. May this leap clear his head of any foolishness from his youth and give him clarity for his future!

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