Wednesday, October 10

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Remember a few weeks ago when my daughters and I went to a baby shower? It was such fun and the girls enjoyed the activities AND the prizes :-) My eight year old daughter had won a little cross stitching project which she was excited to get started on. Since she hadn't done cross stitching before, we sat down and talked about some of the basics first. Then she jumped right into it.

Although I've done some cross stitch through the years, it hasn't been the type of project that I will spend free time on when I have free time. My mom was a very avid cross stitcher and I have so many of her finished cross stitch projects - although they all need to be framed. Perhaps I need to learn how to make frames, eh? But a box that I got more recently from my parents ' house had what will most likely be my favorite set that she has done as it's little outdoor and indoor scenes with quilts scattered amongst them. I would love to frame that set and put it up in my kitchen.

ANYWHO, I got off track a bit....

What I wanted to share is that my girls are at the perfect age to be doing a lot of these crafty and handcrafted things with, but I just don't make the special time to do it. I need to do that to pass on the enjoyments that have been part of my heart, my mom's heart, and my grandmother's heart. Motivation is the key! And I've found a blogsite that helps perfectly with that task as it provides step-by-step projects to do with your girls. Do check out Randi's special place for moms and girls!

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Donna Boucher said...

Thanks for sharing that site! So many fun ideas.
I love cross stitch!

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