Wednesday, October 31

a foreseen problem

Thinking about my early morning wake-ups, I'm foreseeing an upcoming problem. Next weekend we set our clocks back. Right now my sleep starts getting restless between 4 and 5 AM and I usually kick myself out of bed at 5:30 AM as it's pretty much worthless to lie there anymore. What am I going to do when 4 and 5 AM turns into 3 and 4 AM? YIKES! I suppose I *could* get up at 4:30 AM and have an awesome devotional time before I go off to exercise instead of right after I exercise. But I like to have my first cup of coffee with my devotions which is something I never do before exercising...I think of it as my reward for exercising...hehe! And right now I have a hard time staying awake and moving much after supper. I'm not certain I'll even make it to supper if I wake up so early. And wouldn't taking a nap in the afternoons negate all the good of getting up early?

Man, it's tough being an early bird! Such dilemmas!


Tammy ~@~


pianopraise80 said...

Mom, naps never negate anything but the heavy lids that produce them. :-) I say, nap away!!

mom said...

Yup, your comment is just another reminder of why you are my favorite daughter-in-law! :-)

pianopraise80 said...

(we won't mention that I'm your ONLY daughter-in-law! LOL)

mom said...

That means I can call you my MOST favorite daughter-in-law for quite awhile, eh? :-D

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