Wednesday, October 24

full of wags

As I walked up to the house this morning, I was greeted by our dog and her waggin' tail. And it caused me to stop and thank God for her. I know, she's just a dog. But I don't really take time to thank God for sending us such a wonderful family dog.

Little Muffin. She was earned by a son who took care of his sister's Rosie dog for a summer. Since he was young, he had to prove he was capable of all the main responsibilities of dog ownership and he came through with flying colors. Once the summer was about over, we began watching the newspaper for pet ads. Now, we weren't looking for just any dog. It had to look like Arthur's dog Muffin. And sure enough, we had a lead on some puppies and went the next day to visit them. The mom was an almost white yellow lab who had a male neighbor visitor who was a golden retriever. And the result was a litter of fuzzy golden puppies. Quite easy to pick one to fall in love with! Little Muffin was a good puppy and our son was diligent in her care. Always easy going, never have to worry about her around kids, eats anything, wags her tail constantly, good health with a few extra pounds as she ages, and puts up a good gruff whenever anyone drives up our driveway. In fact, some people are more afraid of her than our German Shepherd! And probably the funniest thing she does is smile when our oldest daughter comes home :-) About the only thing she gets into trouble for is digging holes while on chippie patrol in the summer (I had posted pictures about her foundational underdigging this summer).

So, here's to Muffa! A dog like no other! Loved and cherished by her family! Thank you, God!

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pianopraise80 said...

Muffin really is my favorite!! I never used to like dogs until I met Muffa dog! She's just a good snuggler in the bed in the winter too! LOL!! So in my best dog voice I say: Ooooohhhh Muffa! You're a goood dog doooog!! :-)

mom said...

And as soon as you said that her tail went wild and she started smiling! LOL!

Ummm, and about that snuggling in the bed stuff......

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