Thursday, October 18

heart attack material

My littlest who was still lounging in her pajamas - isn't homeschooling great? LOL! - crawled into my bed while I was finishing up some work at my desk. She then announced to me that it was snowing! :::thud::: Fortunately I had been outside early this morning so I knew it wasn't cold enough to be snowing, but her comment certainly got my attention. Upon looking out the big window I could see how she thought it was snowing as a misty rain was coming down from our gloomy gray skies. It did look like snow! YIKES! It isn't uncommon to see snow in October, but that doesn't make me any more ready for it.

Thankful that my heart has now returned to its normal pace....

Tammy ~@~


Our Family of Five said...

Your snow storms must get pretty bad? The boys have been asking me if we can go back to NC this winter....... they know they won't see any snow down here. :)

mom said...

Do you get much snow in NC?

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