Monday, October 1

it must be time to go

After enjoying nothing but beautiful summerlike weather since I arrived on Thursday, it must be time to return home as the rain has found me through the night. The breeze feels cooler through the window this morning. The city is stirring and now I must stir my two as we pack up and leave for home. It has been a refreshing time, yet my home awaits me. The quiet, if you can call it that (!), calls my name.

Persevere was my word from yesterday - more on that later - and now I must persevere on the long trip home. The challenge will be to stay awake, especially since the forecast is for rain all the way home and the rhythm of the windshield wipers can be like a lullaby once we get to less busy roads.

Enjoy your day whatever the weather is in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

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