Tuesday, October 23

it's definitely a frown

Although they grow tired of hearing it, over and over and over again I say to my kids when they need to get something out of the downstairs upright freezer...."DON'T FORGET TO PUSH THE DOOR SHUT ON THE FREEZER!" because the freezer door tends not to seal tight without an extra firm push. And when I remind the kids, their reply is always, "We know, Mom, you don't have to keep telling us!"

Notice the frown on my face?

Guess what?

Someone didn't push the freezer door tight.

Several possible culprits which doesn't help.

At least it hasn't been thawing for several days, but most likely happened later yesterday. And that room has been quite cool UNTIL I finally broke down and turned the furnace on today when we had reading in that room.

Anyway, the food items in the back of the freezer seem to be fine enough. The items in the door of the freezer are thawed and I've decided to make a multi-fruit crisp for later. Fortunately the other things in the door are flours which will survive this mishap just fine. And my stash of chocolate? It is no longer frozen. Perhaps I should eat it all? You know, I'd hate to have it get frostburn :-)


I just don't like these kinds of things being thrown into my day when I have many other things to do, you know?

Back to working on turning my frown into a smile as I go into clean-up mode!

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Anonymous said...

I say, "eat the chocolate, but don't share!" You described our home so well. They don't want reminders, but no one is responsible if it doesn't get done. Ah, the joys of Motherhood! ;)

Thanks for your birthday message. Come back soon.

Our Family of Five said...

I know what you mean.... some days I find myself extending grace, after grace, after grace.... and I ask myself, am I really accomplishing anything here?? I just have to trust that I am. Not me, but that God is doing a work through me. One day my kids will know what mommy was going through when they knocked her antique angel off the wall and broke it, or how badly she wanted to harshly reprimand when they forgot to start the dishwasher after supper the night before and now there aren't any cereal bowls for breakfast.... the list could go on, but I am so right there with you. :)

mom said...

Oh, best NOT to talk about forgetting to turn on the dishwasher in the evenings around me....that is a major GRRRRRRRRRR!

Thank you for the reminder of grace, grace, and more grace. It is a key piece of mothering, isn't it?

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