Monday, October 22

just the ordinary

This was a paragraph from my devotional this morning. The author was listed as "selected":

"My Father God, help me to expect Thee on the ordinary road. I do not ask for sensational happenings. Commune with me through ordinary work and duty. Be my Companion when I take the common journey. Let the humble life be transfigured by Thy presence."

Mothering at home full-time does seem to be common toil on the ordinary road.

There is not a lot of Hollywood glamor happening here except when the dress-up clothes come out on an occasional basis. The only photography is mom trying to figure out her digital camera and everyone suffers through her attempts which never make the tabloids. You won't see FOX news reporting here and our news only makes the nightly family blog, that is, when the power doesn't go out like it did last night. Noteworthy? Not likely in the least looking through the world's eyes.

But it's not the world's eyes I'm concerned about. It's living for my Father's eyes only. I don't need a sensational spiritual life that would cause me to become prideful. Instead my heart's desire is for a humble walk before Him. That as I commit my day to Him each morning His presence would lead and guide my every step. And through the ordinary I wouldn't lose sight of Him, but that I would live expectantly. In the common. Knowing my trusted and faithful Father walks with me.

Nothing earth shattering about that....but always life changing.

May your step on the common road be graced by His presence!

Tammy ~@~

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Our Family of Five said...

Thank you Tammy, I needed this reminder!

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