Friday, October 26

letters :-)

At the beginning of the school year, I thought I'd start my four year old on her name and showed her how to make a 'k'. Since we've been talking about letters and finger tracing them this fall, I've noticed she spends a lot of time just writing various letters on paper. So, that prompted me to write her name on a sheet of paper for her to copy and learn. Of course, Lovey nailed it in her own cute way! And that prompted me to consider a little more schooling for her now as she is very eager to learn :-)

Just wanted to share since homeschooling continues in our households even in the midst of canning carrots!

Tammy ~@~


Bonnie said...

Bless you, Tammy. I am really enjoying transitioning into the fall vicariously through your blog! I love the changing seasons and guess I am getting a little sentimental for them in my "old age"!! I remember when your sweet little Lovey was born -- you were pregnant when you came to my house! Again, just a little sentimental tonight. . .

mom said...


I recently ran across the pictures from our trip to warmer places. Yes, I was indeed full of baby when I was blessed by meeting your family. My, but that little one is the delight of my heart with her sweet kisses and hugs throughout the day.

We often talk about another "warm weather" trip during the long winter months...someday!

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