Monday, October 15

like a letter

From my devotional this morning:

"True faith drops its letter in the post-office box, and lets it go. Distrust holds on to a corner of it, and wonders that the answer never comes.

I have some letters in my desk that have been written for weeks, but there was some slight uncertainty about the address or the contents, so they are yet unmailed. They have not done me or anybody else any good yet. They will never accomplish anything until I let them go out of my hands and trust them to the postman and the mail.

This is the case with true faith. It hands its case over to God, and then He works."

~A.B. Simpson

Isn't this true of our human nature and our prayers? We will pray about things but maybe not turn them completely over to God. Perhaps hang onto a corner of them to take care of ourselves? After all, there are some things we can take care of just fine, thank you very much! However, in doing so we end up hanging onto the whole thing never allowing God to work in the ways that only He can work which is almost always in ways we'd never even imagine. We need to let go of the entire prayer and place it fully in His hands. Let go, let God. There is certainly freedom found in doing so......

May your garden path be free from unsent letters!

Tammy ~@~


Charlene said...

And when I do trust God completely with the answer I am able to walk in peace and joy even in the midst of trials.

Anonymous said...

sometimes the hardest thing to do is just let go; but when I finally do; the results are so rewarding!

mom said...

It is hard to let go and yet as we go through life we learn to do it sooner because of God's past faithfulness and the resulting peace and joy. I wish for myself that it was an immediate response every time....

Tammy ~@~

Our Family of Five said...

"God's past faithfulness, and the resulting peace and joy"...... these were my thoughts exactly: letting go comes a little easier after a season of trials and tests.... that temptation is there, but once you have been in a deep, dark pit, and watched the Sovereign God pull you out, time and time again...... the struggle isn't *as much* of a struggle anymore.

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