Tuesday, October 2

not a dog's life

The last night we were in the city, I took the kids for a walk while my son and daugher-in-law were at their church's prayer meeting. It was a delightful evening for a walk as it felt like a warm balmy summer evening with enough breeze to make it simply wonderful to be outdoors. As we were coming up behind a group of people walking a dog, my littlest said to me, "Ohhhhh, poor little German shepherd!" It gave me a good chuckle :-) No, it wasn't a German shepherd ahead of us, but some little dog of unknown breed which had pointed ears and the coloring of a German shepherd. Her comment was so sweet and interesting in the fact that she, too, had picked up what I was thinking about a dog's life in the city.

Having never lived in a downtown city environment, the dogs who have been scattered through my life have always been allowed to roam in the yard. They've thoroughly enjoyed chasing chippies, barking at strange cars that come into the driveway, digging holes in the flowerbeds, rolling in dead fish along the lake, and coming in and out of the house just by a human noting their intentions as they sit by the door. They live a full dog's life. At least from my viewpoint.

But a city dog doesn't experience any of those things. A walk on concrete sidewalks is their habit and not even always by their owner. My daughter-in-law was telling me that many people hire dog walkers and that it's a fairly lucrative occupation. I decided that if I ever had to move to the city that's the job I'd want as I love dogs and I love walking and I could get paid! Woo hoo! EXCEPT a lot of people have dogs for protection - mean dogs - and I'm not sure I'd want to tangle with those. One mom at the park had a small dog tied to the bench and she kept telling other moms not to let their toddlers wander over by it because it wasn't very friendly. Yikes! Hopefully this dog is the exception rather than the rule and that a majority of the city dogs wag their tails happily as they walk through the park.

So, what do all these random thoughts mean? Hmmm, perhaps that dogs have no choice. They adapt to wherever their owners live whether country or city and can live a full life in either place, although I do confess to feeling a little sad for city dogs. But that's just my country perspective.

And we, too, as humans also adapt to wherever we live. But we do have a choice in our attitude about life if the conditions are less than ideal or what we perceive as ideal. We can, in a sense, either be the happy tail wagging kind or the curl your lip growling sort of people. Our lives can be full whether country or city or richer or poorer when we base our contentment upon the Lord. That contentment comes from living obediently and knowing God's love for us which brings us heartfelt joy.

"These things have I spoken to you, that My joy man remain in you, and that your joy may be full." ~ John 15:11

May you - and your dogs - be joyfully content in your garden today!

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