Friday, October 26


A full day of canning.

Only a bushel full of carrots was picked when my gloved fingers became numb with cold. I determined that those carrots would be a good start for the morning and picked the other bushel during the warm noontime sun. It always makes me smile to be out there in the sun that warms me up from top to bottom.

A full day of peeling carrots.

I'm the head carrot peeler and the kids are the circle cutters :-) They worked on schooling while I peeled the morning away. Once they all got started cutting, they worked through my large bowl of carrots in no time. We did about a bushel and a quarter or so throughout the day.

A full day of Christian radio.

Seldom do I turn the radio on or even throw a CD in anymore. There is enough noise around me that it only muddles my brain further. But when I'm at the kitchen sink for an entire day, it is nice to have some concentrated time to listen to Christian radio and I was thankful that the station came in as you never know up here. So many different topics and programs I listened to throughout the day. Truly, by nightfall my brain was stuffed! It felt like when you come home from a weekend retreat spiritually overfed and can hardly process it all.

One statement stuck with me from all that I heard throughout the day. I couldn't tell you who said it or what program it was on as it's all muddled together. So, yes, this is a loose quote. But the speaker had traveled all over the world and was visiting in a country where Christians are persecuted. As he was encouraging the missionary, he asked how best to pray. The man requested that he please not pray that the persecution would end. The church was alive and growing rapidly as people were being saved by God's grace and serving Him. The missionary said that if persecution ended, then their church would look and act just like the church of the western world :::::gulp::::: Doesn't say much about the American "church", does it? Or perhaps I should say it says volumes about the American "church"? In essence, we look dead to the outside world.

Yes, I suppose I could write a bunch just on that topic, but I feel like I consistently break a cardinal rule of a good blog is a short blog, so I'll leave it at that for you to ponder today.

More carrots to can today, but first we have our typically longest day of schooling each week to get started on now - spelling tests and everyone's end of the week corrections.

Have a good day!

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Monica said...

I heard that quote too... stuck with me a while as well.....

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