Tuesday, October 9


Recently somewhere (?) I was reading that ministry is often a difficult challenging strain as we work to serve others. It is WORK and more of a burden than a blessing. Why? Because it is often all about us and what *we* can do for the Lord. Self and pride tend to be the driving force. We can be so busy doing that we don't have much time to dig deeper into His Word.

Instead ministry should be a joy that comes directly from our relationship with the Lord. That relationship takes time and commitment. As we draw near to Him our service is directly affected by Him.
It will flow naturally from us and will actually overflow effortlessly.

Think of my flower watering container that I stick a hose into as I'm filling it. I wander over to pick up something by the sandbox and come back to a container that is gently and peacefully overflowing. I don't see or hear the source, but it is evident that there is a great force in the midst of it. And the end results will be seen by a large patch of abundantly green grass growing in the area where the watering container was set.

Our lives as mothers sometimes lack that overflow as we are too busy with daily life. The Lord often takes last place. We become more like the dripping faucet. Oh, not another diaper to change! Because you were all playing in the mud, now I have even more laundry! Is it mealtime already? - all I ever do is cook around here! I'm tired of picking up after you! Where is the money going to come from for THAT? When will this rain stop? Drip. Drip. Drip.

Invest in time with the Lord so your life will overflow with the love of the Lord into the lives of your household and the lives of others...effortlessly.

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Our Family of Five said...

I like to save your blog for reading at night. I wait until all of the kids are off to bed and then I open my laptop with a cup of coffee beside me and delve into your posts. They are so 'meaty', if that makes sense. Not to mention, extremely encouraging.

Last night when I read this post I had just opened the comment box when my laptop battery died. Drip. Drip. Drip. Oh well. My rain showers are sometimes very petty.... but they are usually at night when my body is exhausted and my 'overflow' has all 'flown' away. I think to myself, I just need more self-control and not allow little things to get to me..... but the truth is, I just need more of HIM.

God bless. And thank you SO much for these wonderful posts! :)

Charlene said...

Refilling myself is one of the hardest things to do. Are we trained to put ourselves last? Is it not Godly? Somewhere signals have been mixed up in most women I know whether they are Mom's or not.

I often wonder exactly how to balance caring for my needs, spiritual and physical and all the other "needs" around me.

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