Wednesday, October 31

poking my head out for a moment

As much as I've always enjoyed a good rousing political discussion, I've grown to really really dislike all the election hoopla. The phone calls and poll takers have already started calling the house causing me to grrrrr as the presidential election is over a year away!

BUT, I'll stick my head out of the sand for just a moment to post a couple of links. Having ignored it all so far - especially since it feels like the American people really don't have a choice because so much happens that is out of our hands before we get to make a choice (does that make sense to anyone else but me?) - here's a link to see how your views align with the candidates out there.

And, if you are a conservative you may be interested in an idea that Lindsey from Enjoy the Journey came up with and is now being marketed here.

Putting my head back in the sand.....

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