Saturday, October 6

rain in my garden

During the night we were awakened once again by thunder and lightning even more intense than the morning before. The littlest called out and was gently snuggled from her warm bed to ours as we tried to fall back to sleep. I did not have much success, but she was soon breathing in a quiet gentle rhythm. There is definitely rain in our garden as I finally fell asleep to raindrops on the rooftop and teardrops on my pillow.

This morning holds our last games of soccer for the season, but as I hear more rumblings of thunder there also rumbles the possibility of cancellation. Perhaps just an uniform drop-off will be required? Ohhh, that would be wonderful as sitting in the rain for two hours or so does not sound appealing. I would much rather continue sitting under the umbrella that God has provided this morning through His Word. He provides much needed shelter during times of rain in my garden.

May He be your umbrella during the rainy seasons!

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Nin said...

it's starting to get wet and rainy here too. I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to the colder months. I love snuggling up and keeping warm and toasty, and all things cosy and winter :)

how did the game go? win?

mom said...

As much as I love snuggling down by the cozy woodburner during our winter, it is a season which is way too long for my liking. So, I'm enjoying still being able to keep our windows open a bit longer. Rumor has it that it will cool down significantly later in the week.

We did end up playing games, but there was a sad turnout since many of the early games had canceled due to the rainy weather. So, teams were small and the fields were soaked. But the girls loved it nonetheless :-)

Tammy ~@~

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