Thursday, October 11

reading smiles

When you've been homeschooling for a long time, sometimes you forget the things you love the best about teaching your children. And then something happens that puts a smile on your face and in your heart and you remember....ah, yes! I LOVE THIS PART!

The early years educating children is much more labor intensive for moms. There are so many basics that need to be established within their foundation of learning that the successes are harder to see perhaps because there is so much repetition Then as they get older you realize that all the effort was more than worthwhile. I think reading is definitely in that category.

Learning letters, learning the sounds of letters, learning to write the letters, learning all the ins and outs of phonics,
learning those little three lettered words which are painstakingly sounded out, learning about sight words, learning not to say "are you ever going to get this?" as you bang your head on the table, learning to go back to the beginning and start all over again. I have not found one formula that has worked for all of my children beginning to read as it's been a trial and error process with each one. Some have begun reading as early as four, most around six, and one was probably close to nine or so. BUT with each one you could suddenly see the light bulb go on. And when that moment comes you feel like dancing on the table! YES! Woo hoo! That truly is one of the greatest moments of homeschooling when it comes to the subject of teaching reading. But there is a second greatest moment and that is when they suddenly figure out that they really love to read and the devouring books phase begins. YES! Woo hoo! My 11 year old daughter has just hit that and I'm loving it :-) Of course, we will almost go broke as I expand on some series of books that her oldest sister enjoyed, but it's worth it. Right? (And no one would dare tell this book lovin' mom that it's wrong!)(and no, I'm not really serious as there is already an abundance of books in this household to read)

There are a couple of downfalls to this new found passion. The cost of flashlight batteries as my late night readers don't like to get caught while reading......hehe! And constantly having them to put their books away until their schoolwork and chores are done. It even goes to the point of having to frisk children before they go into the bathroom. But that's probably too much information, eh? LOL!

May your garden path be strewn with books!

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Anonymous said...

My 13 year old has just captured the reading fever and yes I'm dancing on the table!! Now the chore of getting my 7 and 3 years old there.

mom said...

It makes me smile to think of all the moms who regularly dance on their tables! LOL!

Hang in there with the other two as you'll need to dust off your dancing shoes again :-)

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