Thursday, October 4

the simple answer

From my devotional this morning:

"God's sweetest memorial is the transformed thorn and the thistle blooming with flowers of peace and sweetness, where once grew recriminations.

Beloved, God is waiting to make just such memorials in your life out of the things that are hurting you most today. Take the grievances, the separations, the strained friendships and the broken ties which have been the sorrow and heartbreak of your life, and let God heal them, and give you grace to make you right with all with whom you may be wrong. And you will wonder at the joy and blessing that will come out of the things that have caused you nothing but regret and pain." ~ A.B. Simpson

This was timely reading for me, not so much because there are challenging people in my life at the moment, but because I know so many people in my life who are struggling with difficult relationships. It is timely as my advice to them has sounded cliche' and I've been struggling with that. Not sounding real. Giving the pat answer. Being hypocritical.

These words this morning confirmed my heart. The answer rests in God. Simply God.

Through the seasons of crying over my children, my husband, my parents, my friends, and committing them over and over to God in prayer, I can testify to the fact that God is faithful. He is the great healer. He gives us the grace and strength to walk through difficult days. He give us peace and joy even in the midst of pain and sorrow. He does the impossible.

In my life He is real, therefore I point everyone to Him. Simply God.

May your path today not be cluttered with chaos, but be graced by simply God!

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