Monday, October 15

speaking of mail....

As I made my first stop at the post office during my noon hour errands, I was surprised to find a package. I was even more surprised to see what was inside - a CD by Sara Groves entitled "Station Wagon - songs for parents". It was even signed on the front! An apparent gift from my son who first introduced me to Sara Groves figuring I'd enjoy her folksy heartspun songs. Silly me put the CD right into the player to listen to while I'm driving from place to place never considering how it may look to the bank teller at the drive-up window to see tears rolling down my cheeks!

The first song is called "I Can't Wait" which tells about all the things we can't wait to teach our children and all the things that they teach us. It immediately brought to mind a conversation this very morning at devotions with my 15 year old son who protested having to sit there because he thought the devotions were too juvenile for him. Seems every older one has gone through this stage :::sigh::: There are two things that they don't realize...1) how much the younger ones look up to them and learn from them, and 2) how much they can learn from the younger ones. We are called to have faith like a child and through the years I've learned so much from children about God. They see Scripture so clearly and simply through their child's eyes.

And so I pray about my response to my son as I told him I had to think about his points of opposition. And in the meantime I'll sniff sniff as I listen to these songs....

Thanks, sonshine!

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Our Family of Five said...

And like the poem, I had not heard of this CD or singer before either.... I'll have to check her out. Maybe they'll have some song clips at maybe??

randi---i have to say said...

What a sweet gift!

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