Wednesday, October 31

that wind...

Remember that wind that suddenly blew this morning? Yup, well, it blew trees down on power lines putting us without power for almost three hours. It's still quite windy so I've filled some containers with water in case we lose it again. Really, being without power is survivable. What makes it barely survivable is the unexpectedness of it going out. Your household is in motion with all kinds of electrical energy and also doing things that require water, such as laundry. As quick as you can flip a's gone!...with no idea when it'll be back :::sigh::: And then I recall people who don't even have a home due to the California fires and the murmuring under my breath quickly stops.

Thank you, God, for this wonderful place you given us which is known as home!

Anyway, I need to play catch-up now that the power is working again.

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Donna Boucher said...

Seems you get even more dramatic weather up there than we get down here.

It was windy, but nothing was damaged.

You also get the tornadoes that we happen to miss.

My sister lived on Northern Road for many years and the tornadoes have cut a path thru there more than one!

mom said...

Ah, kids were traveling back and forth for some outing at the bowling lanes when that happened. Or how about the year that the Dairy Dandy was flattened? Perhaps the wind damage is more noticeable here because there are trees EVERYWHERE!

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