Sunday, October 14

uncle uncle!

Remember as a kid when someone would do something mean like twist your arm behind your back until you said, "uncle uncle!" and they let go? Perhaps you don't remember that because you didn't know any stooopid boys growing up.

Well, I believe I've been playing that game and finally realized it today. The offender has been Mr. Autumn and he's been twisting and twisting my arm because my heart still wants to wander in the days of summer. I still want warm weather, I still want my leaves, I still want time outside to play, I still want a carefree schedule. Instead my schedule now consists of schooling, my time outside is limited, the leaves are now mostly on the ground, and the hard frost the last two mornings provided ample evidence of Mr. Autumn's complete presence. After canning tomatoes yesterday, I did head outside in the sunshine. I emptied out my hanging flower baskets, I emptied out all my flower pots and planters and flowerbeds, I brought my houseplants back into the house. Then I went to the garden and pulled out all the sunflower plants, pulled the green peppers plants, pulled out the tomato plants, pulled out the leftover lettuce, pulled out the flowers whose blooming days were long over, pulled out the cabbage and threw it in the field for the deer, pulled out the submarine-sized zucchini. All that is left in the garden is the kohlrabi which doesn't mind a frost or five, and all the rows of carrots which will be canned this week. The shovels, hoes, sprinklers, and hoses all went into garage for storage. My work outdoors continued until it was finished and I needed to come indoors to fix a late supper for my family. All that is left to do is raking and I can hire help for that as there's kids around here thinking about having money for Christmas gifts.

So, you would think that after all that work of yesterday I had finally yelled "uncle!" to Mr. Autumn. Nope, I had to wear a short sleeved dress to church this morning and freeze my bones! I ended up going and getting my coat to wear during Sunday School, silly mom that I am.

So NOW I finally say "UNCLE UNCLE!" as I snuggle in my turtleneck and corduroy jumper and favorite football team sweatshirt and fuzzy warm socks. My work outside is done and I can say good-bye to summer and hello to warm cozy days with the woodburner going. There is contentment knowing that my time in the months ahead will be spent trying new soups, cutting fabric for a baby quilt, catching up on reading, watching a movie or two, working on my photo album, writing overdue notes to friends, and putting flannel sheets onto our beds :-)

May you, too, enjoy the change of seasons wherever you live! (And hopefully you haven't been as stubborn as I have been in accepting the change....)

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Donna Boucher said...

I pulled out the down quilt this week.
But I try not to turn the heat, no, no.

My hubby will get cold soon...and he will turn it on. He is not as OCD about this as I am.

Bonnie said...

Tammy, your post brings back so many memories of . . . what?, 33 years ago! Wow, the passage of time! You would think it would fade away, but you brought back every feeling of getting ready to "snug up" for winter in Indiana! What a sweet memory!

We are just barely starting to feel the changes -- the weather the last few days has been in the upper 80's rather than lower 90's. It has actually been pleasant in the evenings.

But we do have subtle changes, even in color! I posted on my blog about the colors of fall foliage in Florida. Nothing like yours, I know, but we will still have color for a while, and leaves all winter. And our fall veggie garden is just getting started! (In a way, I would love to have "seasons" again!)

Cynthia said...

You have taken me down memory lane also. I still treasure the thoughts of warm soup, more reading time, pull out the extra blankets to throw on the couches. Hmm, I think I am twisting the arm of summer and saying, "I won't let you go until you say uncle, uncle!"

mom said...

I never thought of twisting summer's arm to a point of "uncle" - it's a hard concept to consider of having too much summer because my experience is just the opposite! I'm always twisting winter's arm though LOL!

And, too, I think I would have a hard time not living in an area that had four distinct seasons. Bonnie, do you not garden at all in the summer months down there?

Donna, as much as a down quilt sounds glorious, do turn on your heat! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

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