Monday, November 26

back on track





Yup, that's us trying to get back on track again!

You see, we've been on a two week break from schooling. Now that my husband and sons are back home safe and sound, I can officially announce that information. They took a huntin' trip out to the mountains and did some menfolk bonding. The last time my husband hunted out that way our oldest was twelve years old. Fourteen years ago. Now our youngest son is thirteen years old and my husband thought it was time to take the boys before they were all grown up. They kept a journal on their trip and I've really enjoyed reading about their daily adventures as they made some new memories. Such creative descriptive writers we've raised! And the bonus is having meat in the freezer.

It's been two weeks of the girls and mom at home. Just hanging out. Having friends over. Watching chick flicks. Eating what we want. Mom getting some deep cleaning done. Girls playing. Staying up late. The girls sleeping in late which has been heavenly for me as I LOVE a quiet house in the morning.

BUT...back to reality. And it isn't going to be easy. We had a good rhythm going with our schooling before this break and I foresee a challenge ahead because of the length of the vacation we enjoyed. Plus I traditionally have a hard time keeping up with school in the month of December because of all the other distractions that come with the holidays.

Definitely a "handle with prayer" journey for the next month...

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