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As I've talked to women, a problem that seems to be common to most women is this: doing well on a healthy eating plan, falling off that plan with a bad day, being upset about falling off, and then continuing in that manner of eating because of their sense of failure. Suddenly that five or ten pounds that they've worked so hard to get off over the last few months are BACK. And quite possibly, they've brought their friends! :-p~

Perhaps the reason I've been thinking about this is....Thanksgiving! My favorite meal of the year to prepare, cook/bake, and EAT! YUMMY! Thanksgiving is always the perfect meal to overindulge, don't you think? And the leftovers are heavenly, particularly the pecan pie :-)


Over the past couple of years as I have been more seriously working on weight loss and getting healthy - taking care of ME - this is a lesson I was determined to learn. It's okay. *IF* I've messed up on a meal or a day, it's okay. It isn't the end of the world. Look at it, learn from it, and MOVE ON. DO NOT ENTER into the zone of beating yourself up because you've failed and then continue on that destructive path. Pick yourself back up and go right back to doing what you were doing before it happened.

When you know in advance that there's a challenging meal or day(s) coming, prepare yourself in advance with good planning. It may be an uncoming birthday celebration, a dinner out with your husband, company at your house, or those hormonal roller coasters we all tend to ride - ugh! Make wise choices. Look for low glycemic food items. Keep portion sizes down. Put good snack items in easy reach. Find complex carbs and good protein of you need to graze. And if you end up eating a bigger piece of birthday cake than you knew you should have, it's okay. Pick your self back up and do better tomorrow!

Think back through the Old Testament and all the battles fought by the Israelites. When they were attentively listening to God, He always gave them His battle plan for taking over a land or people. The plan was of great benefit for His people if they followed it wisely. We, too, can have a battle plan as we consider a healthier eating plan which we will benefit from if we follow it wisely.

Thanksgiving is a meal that we can have an advance plan in place. Turkey is a good protein, but watch out for the side dishes! Stay away from the creamy saucy dishes or limit them to a spoonful just to get a taste. Same thing with those sweetened cranberry and jello salads. Look for green salads, steamed vegetables, whole wheat grainy dinner rolls. Ice water with a twist of lemon instead of a glass of eggnog. And skip the pumpkin pie if you are full! Okay, I know NONE of my family would do that. In fact, I have to bake extra pumpkin pies because we've had a strange family tradition develop through the years of having a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast on Friday morning :-) Doesn't mean that *I *have to follow that tradition or have the big glob of whipped cream on top, especially if the Thanksgiving meal was one of overindulgence for myself. I can choose the DO NOT ENTER zone of not continuing in a pattern of unhealthy eating and can make wise choices the morning after Thanksgiving.

With a healthy plan in place which includes nourishing foods to energize your body as well as the Lord walking with you, the battle can be won!

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Denise said...

Amen sweetie, great advice.

ValleyGirl said...

This is a great post! Advance planning for holidays is definitely key, even if you're not the one preparing the meals. Maybe especially if you're not the one preparing the meals! And you're so right about not allowing ourselves to stay lying in the dust when we've fallen off the wagon, but rather brushing ourselves off and hopping right back on. Those destructive thoughts sure have a way of derailing good progress!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! (My hubby's family eats at least one strictly pumpkin pie meal every fall, too!)

Darlene said...

That was so great. And a perfect post for the upcoming holidays!

Crystal said...

Great post in preparing for the holiday's! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Love Bears All Things said...

This was a very good post. I enjoyed reading it. I agree about the pattern we set for ourselves. I am keeping my food diary and although some days I may go over the desired amount, I know if I just continue on, the outcome is a winning one.
I have planned to eat lots of green beans, turkey and fruit salad while taking small portions of dressing(although I make it low fat), cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole and maybe a sliver of Pecan Pie. Also a walk is in my plans for Thursday morning. I am not eating leftovers on Friday except maybe fruit and turkey.
Mama Bear

penguinsandladybugs said...

Ilike this advice....I will remember DO NOT ENTER as I go off to enjoy the holiday with family!!!

Living Beyond said...

Great thoughts - wish I would have had your wisdom when we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving!! It;s my most favourite meal too!!

One thing that has struck me this week and that I prayed when we were going out for a meal would be thant included with saying Grace before my meal I also add in and Lord please give me Self Control!

I think it must have worked I lost 1 lb this week!! Yeah God!!

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