Saturday, November 10

easy faith

My devotional this morning talked about Abraham and his testimony as a great man of faith. It reminded me of a precepts Bible study I participated in a few years ago that was about Abraham. I pulled out the study to see if I had written down a timeline, but I don't see one (however, just glancing through the study reminded me how much I ENJOY precept studies!). But I do recall us talking about how very many years it was in-between the encounters that Abraham had with God during the 175 years he lived. There were no Bibles to pick up in-between these times to reassure him of the promise God made. Abraham simply walked in obedience and faith.

Fast forward to today's world of Bibles in any version wanted, reference books and commentaries galore, books about Christianity on a multitude of relevant subjects...anything we want to know about God is available at our fingertips. And His Word is loaded with promises from God. You'd think this would make our nation one of great dynamic faith! Ahhh, quite the opposite seems to be the truth. Easy faith seems to result in no faith at all.

It's interesting to note that Christianity is growing rapidly in countries where persecution is apparent and a copy of a Bible is rare.

Yes, we are blessed with a multitude of resources to help grow our walk in faith, but let's keep our Bible - God's Word - as the foundation we are building on as we turn to that first and foremost.

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