Saturday, November 24

the extent of my sewing

As my kids grow a bit and are in their own beds, I typically take them shopping for some fabric so I can tie a quilt for their bed. Then that quilt is free to go with them when they leave home. The quilts are nothing fancy, but are THEIR quilts which makes them special.

On my "to-do" list was quilt mending. My 21yo son has a dog that goes between our house and his house...we all own this pooch :-) One day he had left the dog alone in his house and the dog got bored or mad or whatever and chewed a hunk of his quilt. So, the quilt showed up at my door with a plea for help. This poor quilt has already had one major mending/addition as my son had worn off the top edge of it, so I had put on a thick green flannel top border. I told him that the mending patch wouldn't look too pretty since it had to be so large in a weird spot, but he didn't care. So there you have it!

It does make me feel, I don't, maybe sad whenever I sit at the sewing machine to just mend. I miss the days of all the sewing I used to do and perhaps needs to set aside some time on a regular basis to do just that - SEW! And yet, even mending someone's special quilt is an act of love, don't you think?

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