Saturday, November 17

frosty punkin

When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock. ~ James Whitcomb Riley

It really is fun to read the original poem. I'm thinking that most of the words wouldn't make it through spellcheck...hehe! One of my daughters had this poem last fall for part of her spelling class and though not very excited about it, after several times of reciting it she found the rhythm and it was enjoyable to listen to her recite.

This picture was taken a few days ago when the frost truly was on the punkin! Actually it was snowing like crazy at the moment. Yup, there's those corn stalks from my garden. The punkin from the other side of the steps has been cut up for its abundance of seeds to put in the oven for our eating pleasure. And this poor frozen punkin will be next to meet such a destiny. A sign that our autumn is quickly turning into our long winter.

May you enjoy the waning days of autumn with a heart of thanksgiving!

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Charlene said...

Your post reminds me I should take a picture of our pumpkins on the porch. We have a squirrel who is making a meal out of them. I think a racoon actually broke open two of them, but the little squirrel sits on the porch and enjoys them.

mom said...

Oh, how fun, Charlene! Yes, take a picture :-)

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