Saturday, November 24

growing onions

What tends to happen after grocery store shopping is that my helpers put everything into the upstairs kitchen pantry. The problem is that often I see things on sale while shopping and buy extras which are intended to go into the the downstairs food storage pantry. Only my children aren't mind readers, so they pile up the upstairs pantry shelves with these extras until you really can't find anything because it is so cluttered and piled up. So, yesterday I was taking things that I had cleaned out of my upstairs kitchen pantry downstairs to my food storage pantry. And lo and behold - as an explanation to this strange picture! - most of my onions from the garden were growing again :::sigh::: It seems strange that I hadn't noticed it before because I do go in and out of that pantry a lot, but typically I grab what I need and head back upstairs. Guess we have some onions that need to be used up now. I always wanted to try French onion soup...I can already hear my kids groaning about that thought and pleading with me, "no, mother, no, no, noooooooo!" hehe...

But these growing onions reminded me of something other than soup. The dynamics within a family. The squeaky wheel gets the grease kind of thing. The kids who are the most extroverted and active tend to get the most attention...probably because they are also often the ones most likely to be into trouble through the years! Then you have the ones who tend to be more introverted and keep busy on their own with their easy going personalities. They are the ones who are suddenly wearing capris - before capris were in - and they've never been in with boys! And when you mention their pants are looking small, they mention their toes have been pinched in their shoes, too! YIKES! Not only have they grown without a lot of fanfare, but they've also developed good AND bad habits without much notice. They may be the ones who are smart as a whip and school well independently. But they can also be the ones who get stuck on a math problem on Monday and don't move ahead in their book, so on Friday when you are reviewing their math work they are now a week behind!

Growing onions in the food pantry is a good reminder to myself to make time to connect with the easy going ones of our household. To encourage the good character traits growing in their lives and nip those bad habits that may be quietly developing.
To give them the assurance that they are just as important and loved as the squeaky wheels.

May you, too, spend time among the onion row in your garden today!

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