Tuesday, November 13

let's get real

Randi is hosting a "Let's Get Real Monday" on Tuesday. You can enjoy other responses or participate yourself by going to her site. It was good for me to take a moment or two to stop and think about the good and bad things that are a part of my life. Here we go!
The topic is MY HABITS.

---What is one good habit that I have?

An early morning routine of a daily quiet time with the Lord AND exercising three times a week at Curves and walking for an hour once or twice a week.

---What is one bad habit that I have?

My name is Tammy and I am a book-a-holic. Now there's nothing wrong with books, but I have a ridiculous amount of books and bookshelves. The habit really got bad during our early years of homeschooling. Our local library holds an annual used book sale and we would bring home boxes and boxes of books as I'd choose any book that could be used for our schooling. So our shelves are filled with books that deal with science topics, history topics, language helps, geography, health, early childhood, math helps, sports, animals - you name it, we've got it. And what I am FINALLY having to admit - and trust me, it's hard to admit it - a majority of these books have not been opened by anyone in our twenty years of homeschooling :::gulp::: I have found that any book we actually need for schooling purposes is easily accessed through inter-library loan. So, next summer when the library is asking for books for their used books sale, I will be donating boxes and boxes of books. Please hold me to it!

This habit has carried itself into my personal collection of books, although there are fewer books I could actually part with to donate. Guess God will have to work on me a bit more in that department, eh? An extension of this habit is that I currently have several books by my bed with markers in them. They are all good and I want to read them all at once! I always used to be a read-one-book-at-a-time-from-start-to-finish kind of person and I need to get back to that way of reading.

---What is one habit that I would like to cultivate in my life?

Have been changing over my desk area the last several days, I've been organizing all the stationary, notes cards, greeting cards, and my favorite pens. It's caused me to realize how much I've fallen out of the habit of regular writing to others - you know, the old fashioned manner of snail mail. Pondering it I realize that computer reading and writing has taken over the time I typically might have used to hand write a note or two of encouragement, send an anniversary card or birthday card, write a long overdue letter to a relative. It's a habit I would like to get back into regularly instead of doing it only sporadically. Really, is there anything more delightful then getting REAL mail in your mailbox instead of endless junk mail or catalogs?

Soooooo, what about YOUR HABITS?

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randi---i have to say said...

Sometimes i think that i homeschool simply because of my love of books! In the early years I bought tons, but now I generally get them from the library. I finally learned the lesson that all of the books in the world won't make a difference if I never open them! ;)

I am sure your library will be blessed when you drop your load off. Who knows, maybe a new homeschooler will find all of her year's curriculum because of your donation!

pianopraise80 said...

Mom, was this inspired partially by our chat last night and my growing book problem??? LOL! I should just get rid of them and dispense with the "someday" mentality. That would be cheaper than new bookcases. :-)

mom said...

Oh, Randi, you are so right about books never opened!

Ahhh, yes, our conversation probably made me ponder BOOKS even more at the moment! Would you like all the books I'm packing up? Perhaps you could use them for the grandangels some day and they'll sit on your shelves for the next twenty years unopened! LOL! Perhaps I should mention it to your husband...you know how sentimental he is about things from home...hehe ::::running and ducking::::

Love you!

Lawanda said...

Well, if books are the worst habit you can come up with.... ;) I wish I had the motivation to exercise more!!!

My Inspired Heart said...

I know the feeling with the book problem and homeschooling...At first I was buying everything I could find and quickly filled up all the space I had and as you said, we probably haven't used any of them. So, now we opt for the library. It is better than spending $ on all of those books, but we always keep a rotation of at least 20-30 books at a time. So, we're forever searching for them. But...how does one live without books?!

Our Family of Five said...

I confess, I'm a book-a-holic too!

Anonymous said...

You could always open your own library... TeeHee!

I wish your good habit would rub off on me! ;o)

I'm so with you on the snail mail! I miss it.

mom said...

I *wish* it was my only bad habit. Just happened to be the one on my mind this morning, I guess.

Erin said...

I too am a book lover. However, I mainly over indulge with library books...I currently have 52 books out on my card (kids books included). I know I can't possibly read them all. Good for you for acknowledging your problem and being willing to deal with it. I am sure the library will be overjoyed. If you ever need the books in the future you know where they will be!

As for snail mail...I have almost forgotten what that is. I couldn't tell you the last time I sent or received snail mail.

Tammy said...

Books... yes, everywhere! Actually since I've started knitting books compete with yarn in my budget.

I was just talking to DH about Curves a little while ago. I think I'd like to give it a try because exercise is one thing I definitely need to start adding to my routine.

mom said...

I should probably someday do a post on Curves someday as I love going there for a variety of reasons :-)

AliceAnderson said...

I completely agree with sending a note the old fashioned way. What a joy to open up the mailbox and see something written by a human! Smeared ink is a novelty these days. So are pretty stamps!

Can't say I have a problem with books. No, I have dedicated a room in my house as a library... countless bookshelves. Thousands of books. Tons of books in boxes. Plenty of ebooks on my computer... but I'm a book worm. I know it. I like it. Not a problem. LOL

I propose we all remember to send out Christmas cards this year. It's so easy to put off. But make it special. I think I'll blog about that!

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