Saturday, November 10

my corner

Here's *my* corner of the household :-) To the left of the lamp is the window where I regularly gaze out at my garden and get the weather predictions for the day. Actually, you get the "neat" picture as I was in the process of taking everything out of the area. After I emptied the bookcase against the wall and picked up my stacks of books and papers on the floor, I thought I had better take a quick "before" picture.

Before what you may ask?

The desk I've been using came into my life many years ago as an unfinished piece of furniture. I lovingly stained and varnished it before putting it into use. It has suited my purposes for many years, but sadly I've recognized for quite awhile that I had outgrown it for the needs I had. So I began to look - just a little - for a new desk. Nothing. The next solution seemed to be to do a major sorting, sifting, and cleaning of my desk area which I determined I'd do during our break after Christmas.

And then I saw her. A beauty beyond comparison on a simple picture hanging on one of the bulletin boards at church. I have no idea how long the picture had been up there as quite honestly I don't even regularly check that particular bulletin board. But I inquired and got the dimensions, measured my corner, figured I could place her on my bookshelf wall since she was too big for my desk wall, talked it over with my husband, and called to say I'd take her. Let me tell you about God's timing. The owner said I could either pick her up right away or wait until late next spring as they were leaving in a couple of days to warmer places for the winter months.

Quickly I packed up my corner which meant boxes of "stuff" piled up in our bedroom and the strong males of the household went to pick up a new desk for mom. I am so thankful for their willingness to do this for me as this move was no small matter. It was one heavy oak matter.

A beautiful rolltop oak desk now sits in my corner and let me tell you she is a beauty and an answer to a heart's desire since childhood (am I the only one who has ever wanted a rolltop desk?). I have a long way to go in organizing my new desk, but when she's settled in, I'll post a picture :-)

Isn't God good?

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Noel said...

oh, wow! I've always wanted a rolltop desk. (hmm, that sounded a bit like a line out of the book, Corduroy) May you enjoy your rich and bountiful blessings!!

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