Monday, November 12

no foolin'

We can't fool our kids. At home, you and I are the real you and I. "Do as I say, not as I do", won't cut it. What we do is so powerful that it can destroy everything we say. We had better live out what we say we believe from the Word of God, or our words will act more like poison than fertilizer in the soil of our children's hearts.

If we don't model a real, genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, there's little chance our children will grow up to possess what we lack.

~David Jeremiah

Perhaps this caught my eye because it was kind of about gardening or perhaps it was because :::::gulp::::: it was such a powerful statement to consider.

Can you think of any situation that it speaks more powerfully to than a homeschooling mom? We are with our children 24/7 and our children do see the "real you" - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, what seeds are we planting in our children's lives and how well are we fertilizing the soil they are growing in? Are we presenting an example that says Jesus to them? Or are we poisoning them with worldly traits such as greed, worry, anger, lust, and general hypocrisy?

My thought is it comes down to our relationship with the Lord. *IF* we are actively and consistently spending time in God's Word, in prayer and worship, in living out what is maturing in our own faith, we will then be God's tool to plant these things in the lives of our children. It doesn't mean perfection. It does mean being real which is indeed a lesson in grace. And is there anything more amazing than that?

Walk the talk today on you garden path!

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Tammy said...

Great words to remember on a Monday morning!

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