Monday, November 19

november gray

Leave a little light on
somewhere, in some room,
dark rainy days;
where, in the deepening gloom,
I, damped and greyed
by weather, might
in some unexpected place
glimpse warmth and cheer.
Those who feel that light
is utilitarian only,
have never known
the desolation dusk can bring
to being lonely.

~Ruth Bell Graham

November has to be the grayest, gloomiest, dampest, darkest, dreariest month ever! The early morning began with a rain wet snow mix which turned into a damp mist the rest of the day. The fog has hung in the woods all day long making an eerie habitat for woodland creatures and setting in melancholy for those who gaze out their windows. Every room has needed a light turned on from morning until now as dusk is setting in more heavily. It does give one a depressed lonely feeling. It is hard on those of us who are energized by sunshine and have only seen rare glimpses of it throughout the autumn months this year :::sigh:::

My curiosity wonders what November is like for the rest of the country?

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pianopraise80 said...

I had to chuckle to myself when I read this. I actually love gray days like the one we've had today--heavy skies, cool breeze, damp and misty out--ah, it's good for the soul of a musician! :-) Either that or I was WAY too into English lit as a child. :-) Probably a little of both....wish I had a good moor to roam on days like this. :-)

mom said...

Now you've made me chuckle! Too bad there aren't any moor that-a-way, eh?

Actually, I do know someone else who loves days like this. So, I guess God gives us a fair share of each to keep everyone happy, eh? What a good Father He is! :-)

Nin said...

I love autumn a lot, but when it gets more wintery, then I'm not so sure....especially when it comes to early morning starts, bleurgh!

november said...

my name (legally, really) is November Gray.

Thanks for the poem!

When I grew up in North America, November was my favourite month- I loved the cripy nearly snowyness- but now I live in Australia and for 20 years I have been trying to some to terms with November being sunny glorious summer beach weather- it just doesn't seem quite right....

mom said...

If November there is like summer, then when we have summer does it feel like November there?

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