Monday, November 5

pink and sparkly

Now, if you were four years old wouldn't you think these are the most delightful shoes ever in the whole wide world?! :-)

My oldest daughter and her husband are still in town for a long weekend, so we girls went shopping this morning. Ohhh, what fun! Actually, we were looking specifically for a couple pairs of shoes for one of my other daughters and somehow the other three daughters were trying on shoes, too. We, um, ended up bringing home, um, SEVEN pairs off shoes for all of us girls! together as well as creamer in my coffee...hehe! And they were ALL on sale. And no, I typically wouldn't buy a pair of incredibly awesome pink and sparkly shoes, but I figured they could be passed down to my granddaughter, right? :-)

Enjoy something fun in your garden today!

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh! Those are the best!

I know a little girl who would love them!

Charlene said...

My little Niece Alanna has a pair of pink and sparkly shoes too! She is three and loves them so, she wants to wear them every day. How fun! They make everyone smile when they see them too!

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