Friday, November 16

renew renew renew

From my devotional last night:

The only way to survive in a world which tries to slowly poison our minds is to renew our minds each day. The psalmist says in Psalm 1 that the blessed man is the one who delights in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. When I open my Bible for personal devotions, I know that I'm looking at the very Word of God. It's different from everything else around me. What I'm reading is in a whole different universe. I'm getting a transfusion of heavenly culture into my system. I know that if I try to make it in this world, I'll get pulled down. I'll never be happy following the world's plan.

But when I came to Jesus Christ, the happiness of this world was ruined for me. I've got the Holy Spirit inside me, and I can never be happy unless I'm walking with Him. People can try to be happy, but they'll never achieve it apart from the Lord. Christians can try to follow the world's plan for happiness, but the only way they will find it is to let the Word of God cleanse and renew them. ~ David Jeremiah

Last night my oldest daughter called me and chatted for quite awhile. Actually, I think she was using me to stay awake as her husband got off work at midnight...hehe...but that plan never works well because mom can't stay awake to talk. After our usual chit chat, she was sharing again about someone she knows from school who has remained in touch. Constantly in touch as she calls my daughter a few times a day. Constantly in a state of dysfunction and indulgent sin. Constantly exploring new age (or should I say old age?) philosophies the latest of which is astrology and numerology, exploring various s*xual options, enhancing it all with alcohol. What's fascinating about it all is that my daughter lives a life completely the opposite of this person (I hesitate calling her a friend because it is not a reciprocal relationship) as my daughter's foundation is Jesus Christ. Right now my daughter is a listening ear to someone she sees who is seeking the world's happiness in all the wrong places and who is chasing love which she will never find until she meets Jesus.

I also think of a friend who is dealing with an acquaintance whose life is far from the Lord, a mess on many levels, and whose needs are constant. I think of my college-aged son who has seen freshmen pursue the world's happiness on many levels which only drags them into seeking more because sin will never satisfy but will only grow more demanding.

Light. My heart believes that somewhere in these lost lives they recognize light and are drawn to it. Jesus Christ is the light of the world and He is the foundation of my daughter's, my son's, and my friend's lives. Yet, at this point, the lost refuse to know more about Him. I trust that God does have a plan.

And as I pray for each one of these dear people in my life, I pray that they will be drawn into the Word daily to be renewed and strengthened. That a daily transfusion of His Word will renew their minds. And that walking with the Holy Spirit will daily renew the peace and joy that comes from God and which the world can never attain.

Renew. Renew. Renew.

It's a good reminder for all of us as we live in this world.

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