Tuesday, November 27

secretly encouraging

The character quality for our before-school devotions this week is...encouragement! One of the statements that was in today's section was...tell about a time when someone secretly encouraged you.

Isn't that a neat thing to think about?

Can you think of a time when someone encouraged you without them knowing it? You know, the times when someone says something very randomly to you and your heart ends up floating? What a ray of sunshine that can be!

Think of those who you could secretly encourage. Maybe a family member right in your home, maybe a friend down the road. It could be in the form of an unsigned note to someone who lives locally. Actually that would be hard for me to do since my handwriting tends to be distinctive...but I could have one of my older kids write it for me, right? And it could even be done in cyberspace in blogworld on sites that allow anonymous comments.

Secretly encouraging...it is a perfect example of giving being more delightful than receiving!

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