Thursday, November 1

selfless love

It is always cool to me that when I'm pondering something, God has a way of confirming it in my life. In my devotional book last night that I read right before I closed my eyes, the reading came from I Corinthians 13:13 which I had just written about here before I had crawled into bed. Here it is:

"Paul tells us that the secret of all life is love. A love that cares, that goes out of its own way to find what it can do to minister, makes a difference. Love in a kitchen. Love on the football field. Most of all, love in your heart. Love that is selfless. I have seen people ministering in churches who get no credit for what they do, and yet, behind the scenes, they serve, minister, and work. They have love--love for children, love for the church, and love for the Lord. There are many Christians who give sacrificially. They do it because love in their hearts makes them want to turn away from their own needs and wants and give of themselves and their substance back to God. That is where joy is to be found.

There is one thing I can tell you about selfless love: if you ever get close to it, you will know it because it feels so good. You won't have to tell anybody about it, and if you do, you might lose it in the process. But if you experience it, you will know the joy of it."
~David Jeremiah

When I think of all the occupations found in the life, what could be better training for selfless love than being a mother? We sacrifice self daily as we love and serve our families. Could there be any greater joy?!

Plant some love in your garden today!

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