Saturday, November 10


You know how everyone talks about wanting a doctor or lawyer in the family (okay, and I'd have to add a meteorologist, too, since I'm a weather watcher person, although I'd probably be yelling at them all the time because of their forecasts *grin*). Well, when you have three daughters at the end of the family line and you are a hair fixin' challenged mom, then it's nice to have a fourth and oldest daughter who is a licensed cosmetologist working in a sweet salon :-) It is an incredible blessing to have someone who can do all the hair (and nails) around here. She enjoys stylin' her brothers' hair, too.

For many years we've worn the traditional hair of homeschooling - LONG. And truly, I love the girls hair long as it is so so pretty. But I'm coming around and allowing a little more cutting and trimming and stylin' of all our hair...even if it means being guinea pigs as she tries new things (no offense meant to guinea pigs, of course).

She was home a couple of weeks ago and out came her scissors. One daughter only got a trimming and thinning as she felt her hair was too "poofy" and I don't have pictures of hers, but I will put up a series of posts of our new looks around here.

Enjoy :-)

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