Thursday, November 15

trouble comes and goes

"When we think about people trouble grows; when we think about God trouble goes." ~ author unknown

I need to write a letter in which I'm at a loss of words. I know, that is almost an oxymoron, isn't it?

Let me back up a bit. Sometime this year communication with a family member broke. And I don't know exactly when. I think it may have been around the time of my oldest daughter's wedding in the spring. And it is with someone who it has taken years to restore a relationship with which was a direct answer to prayer. Our family's year has been so crazy busy that it wasn't until this fall that I had been thinking about the fact that this person has dropped out of our lives. My husband and I talked about it for awhile as we looked back and neither of us have any idea of what happened or why. We just know that the relationship is broken.

So, how do you write a letter asking for forgiveness when you do not have any idea what is wrong? How do you apologize and say you are sorry for an unknown offense? How do you acknowledge hurt that unintentionally must have occurred?

The letter has been written and re-written many times in my head. Today I hope to put the rough draft down onto paper as I would like to get this in the mail complete with pictures of the kids to arrive before Thanksgiving.

I'm counting on the fact that through prayer and with God's help, the trouble indeed will go....

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