Thursday, November 8

watch out

'Tis the season! Nope, not that season. Winter driving season. Driving takes on a whole new meaning this time of the year as conditions can vary from day to day. Some days you don't even bother going out because it's blowing and snowing like crazy making hazardous roads. Other days may just require a little extra caution. The reality of living here is that a small patch of ice doesn't really put you in the instead tends to land you into trees. Big trees. Oh, and into other cars, too, as you are spinning around. YIKES!

This morning was a perfect crisp in the 20's kind of morning. We do have a little snow on the backroads which was enough to make you slow down a little. While I was walking at the high school, the radio announcer mentioned that drivers should take it slow as there was freezing fog scattered throughout the area making roads slippery. Although I hadn't noticed it on my short jaunt, it could be unexpected for other travelers...and since I'm not a radio listener, I would have never even known about it until too late.

As I was walking, I thought about how easy we can fall into spiritual danger if we don't use caution. Some situations are obvious to avoid like the nasty winter weather. Other situations may alert us to caution and we know we need to keep our spiritual antennae up as we proceed carefully. Then there's those situations which we totally don't see coming at all until we've CRASHED. How essential it is to keep our spiritual ears tuned in at all times to our Heavenly Father who holds the "forecast" in His hands!

May you walk down the garden path of changing weather with confidence knowing God walks with you rain or shine or freezing fog!

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